What does the app name mean?

The name WhatSAB is a reference to the question “What’s up?”. Funny, huh? It also stands for “What’s up with my SabNZBd?” as this is exactly what the app is doing.

[app 310633997]
Sounds similar to the wildly popular instant messenger WhatsApp? True, but I thought the app name was too good to pass 😉 No seriously, go get WhatsApp, it’s a fantastic app.


How can I download nzb files with WhatSAB?

WhatSAB does not allow to download any files. It is only an interface for your SABnzbd server to monitor your active and completed downloads and to configure basic parameters.

Is there an ad-free version?

You can permanently disable the ads with an in-app-purchase. Simply tap on the “x” below the ads or go to the settings and look for “Shop”.

Is there a way to get push notifications?

WhatSAB itself does not offer push notifications, but you can use a third party service like Boxcar, Prowl or Pushover.

You need to create a script that sends the push notification to one of those services (for example as a pre-queue script or when a download finishes) and activate that script in sabnzbd. See the sabnzbd wiki for more information on pre-queue scripts and user scripts.

Once you receive such a push notification on your iDevice you can configure the receiving app to open WhatSAB. Use the following custom URLs:

  1. whatsab://downloads
    This opens the downloads tab, useful for pre-queue  scripts notifying you about new downloads
  2. whatsab://history
    Opens the history tab, useful for user scripts notifying you about completed or failed downloads


[app 321493542]
[app 320876271]
[app 506088175]

How to use

How can I get information about my SABnzbd server?

When connected to your server simply tap on the top status window (the one where you see the server name and basic information). This will open the server details with information about the current server status, download speed, warnings and so on.

screenshot server details

What can I do in the server details?

The server details allow several interactions:

  • Refresh the details with the top left button
  • Pause / resume downloads by tapping the “Server Status” row
  • View the sabnzbd changelog by tapping the “New Version” row (only visible if you don’t have the latest version installed)
  • View warnings by tapping the “Warnings” row (only visible if there are warnings)
  • Set the global download speed limit by tapping the “Download Speed” row. Set it to zero if you don’t want any limit.
  • Shutdown SABnzbd by tapping the “Shutdown” button on the bottom

How to edit my API key?

This is missing in WhatSAB 1.1, you need to delete and re-add the server with the new api key.

Starting with WhatSAB 1.2 (not released yet) you can go to Settings -> Servers -> Edit -> Select your server and enter the new key on the bottom.